I’d like to share a little bit of my life with you.  My standard bio information can be found at the bottom of this page.
I am a sister, aunt & great-aunt.
I am anotha’ motha’.
I don’t have biological children, however, I have been gifted with the most amazing God-children on the planet. I wish you could meet them all.
I am single.
I believe I am to live my very best life,  right now, and fulfill the purpose God has set for me, right now! Of course there are times I wish I had a mate, but those moments just don’t last when I think about my friends, family and my opportunities.  God has been really good to me.
I serve in the ministry.
I have had the privilege of serving the women at Shoreline Church for over 10 years.  I also oversee our assimilation process (guests and volunteers), outreach and pastoral care.  Helping people get connected and understand they are in a supernatural, inexplicable love relationship is my mission! (Picture me dropping the mic  on the floor {sorry sound man} and walking off stage after making that statement) . . . that’s it!
I serve my community.
I am on the leadership team of The ALLIES, a community group whose aim is to bring awareness to the injustice of human trafficking a.k.a. modern-day slavery and I write for an amazing online fashion blog-azine called Created Woman (www.createdwoman.net).
My philosophy
. Everyone has something significant to contribute in this eternal adventure we call LIFE!
My goal.
To see people connect with their purpose (who we were created to be and what we were created to do), and help individuals turn from their past — allowing God to weave in them a beautiful LIFE-story.
I adore my family and friends; laughing (loud) is necessary; cooking great food and experiencing it with those I LOVE is essential.  One of my favorite  moments in life is Sunday dinners . . . after church, family and friends gathered at my house eating, various conversations happening at the same time, children playing, great food being shared, there’s absolutely nothing that compares to these special life-moments.  Singing, writing, listening to good music and traveling are my passions.

Cheryl Luke’s bio:
Cheryl Luke has inspired men and women for over 20 years. Through her experiences, Cheryl has developed a gift for understanding people in their specific phase of life. She is extremely passionate to see people connect with their God-given purposes and destinies as well as bridging the gap between, generations, and cultures. Cheryl challenges individuals to leave behind their past and allow God to weave in them a beautiful life-story for His glory and honor. Her warmth and wisdom resonate as she delivers God’s message of redemption, restoration, love and compassion. A single woman, Cheryl attended Oral Roberts University, is the women’s pastor as well as oversees assimilation, pastoral care, outreach  and serves on the executive team at Shoreline Church, in Austin, Texas.

Cheryl can be booked for:
Women’s conferences, retreats, Christmas and other meetings
Leadership events
Young Adults

A few subjects Cheryl can speak on:

Restoration and freedom
Overcoming fear
Letting go of the past
Warrior Women
Ignite My Heart – living with passion
Every SINGLE day – Engaging in your single life
Living an Audacious Life
I’m DONE! – What to do when you experience burnout
For the Love of my Father – Growing up fatherless
Human Trafficking

Cheryl Luke


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