Fashioned for this moment

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For many of us life has become quite busy, making it less and less likely to live in and enjoy the present.  We rush to get to work and back home, take the kids to school or soccer, coach the team, plan meetings, attend meetings, pick up the kids, shop, cook and clean (take a breath).  We get to bed, only to start the same routine over again in the morning.

Each of us is fashioned for the moment. However, with so many ‘must-do’s’ on the list, it requires some effort to take the time to S-T-O-P and smell the roses that have been strategically positioned along life’s journey.

Here are a few reminders to help you slow your pace, take a break and engage in the now moment you were fashioned for:

1.     Enjoy the beauty of your journey.  Life is a gift.  One that is to be cherished, respected and shared.  Each adventure is littered with ups and downs, good times and difficult times, moments of feasting and periods of scarcity.  The interesting fact about this is everyone is affected. There is, however, a power found in working through the difficult times, understanding they are temporary and can be used as fuel for the future.  Another noteworthy truth is we can learn from every single experience.

2.     Walk slowly through the crowd.  This nugget can easily get lost in the daily grind.  In the midst of busy-ness, we sometimes forget to look up and take in the expression of beauty found in the moment.  God placed the people around us – family and friends – along with nature and our environment in our presence, for our pleasure.

3.     Let go of the past.  If you are not careful, yesterday’s experiences could have a negative impact on today’s perceptions.  It is important to understand that the past does not have to dictate your presence, the present or your future.  Take advantage of the many resources that are available to help navigate through the challenges you may have experienced, so you can fully engage in the present.

While it is important to look back and thank God for bringing us through the past and it is necessary to know that our future is in His hand.  There is nothing like the present.  I challenge you to own it, engage in it and share it with those around you.

What are some of the things you do to engage in the ‘present’?


8 thoughts on “Fashioned for this moment

  1. The things I do to engage in the present: realize that the things I have to do will still be there. The moment w/that particular person may not be there again. When my nephew, Robert, asks me to come watch a movie after the Caleb 5K when I’ve been up since 5am, I did it. I was tired, but spending time w/him is a moment I don’t want to miss. People are precious!

  2. OMGoodnesd Pastor Cheryl – u are right on! Ur writing is a pleasure to read & the truths are profound. Today I will decide I’m fashioned for the moment I find myself in. Love you PK

  3. Amen! There are times in my life that I struggle (for a minute) not to feel guilty for leading a simple life. I remind myself that it is by design that I walk at a slower pace. It is possible to “stop and smell the roses”, but it doesn’t happen on accident. It is something that we purpose in our hearts to do. Thank you Cheryl for your beautiful words.

  4. Thanks Cheryl, this is so good a recent challenge for me being a new mom! My new routine is getting ‘me’ done early in the morning so that we the clock strikes 5 and work is done, I am fully available to engage with my family for the rest of the day. It’s so important that we take care of ourselves so we can take care of the relationships we have and actually walk slow through the crowd stress free!

    • So welcome, Heather. You and Hoit are great parents. I’ve watched you adjust your schedule so that you can take care of and engage your family. Very well done, my friend.

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