To know it
Walk Confidently in its undeniable legitimacy
Yet undone by life’s historic circumstances
To speak to it
Although broken
To have experienced it
Acquainted with its unmistakable taste and smell
However, I can’t see it clearly at the moment
I’m clouded by this fateful life encounter
Crowded by an onslaught of life’s happenstances
Can’t feel it, right now
Oh, but I know it
not within my grasp
Or is it?
It’s there
Just can’t reach it
Nevertheless gotta keep moving
History, His Story, Truth, comes knocking on my life’s door
Commanding me . . .
Broken. Tired. Disgusted
Truth is calling me
Knows my name
That familiar expression
Arrests my attention
Freedom is in the gap
Hope is in the distance
in my future
IS my future
I can smell it
I can feel my gait strengthening
Bent posture straightening
Life becoming clearer


14 thoughts on “Truth

  1. When I started reading this I could see you on stage presenting this as a spoken word piece. I felt like I wanted to get up and speak it over every person I know, including myself, that’s ever struggled with TRUTH! Keeping writing you BAD Mamma Jamma!

  2. Just amazing! I can’t even put into words what an impact this has on me and how it resonates! It calls me to act. It calls me to understand. It calls me see. Thanks, Cheryl! You are amazing!

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