The Positive on Positivitity

Recently, I began sharing my personal affirmations online and the feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly optimistic.  The encouraging comments have set me on a path of thinking through the impact of living a positive life.

I live and work in a culture that embraces the power of the positive – thoughts, action and speech.  Yet, the longer I’m on this life-journey, the more I realize that I can never, in my own strength, attain a life that is entirely positive.  My thoughts, which are usually altered, have a tendency to lead to improper or insincere behavior.  However,  as I become aware, make conscious shifts in my thinking and accept God’s love, my behavior and emotions change for the better.

Here are a few ways that have helped me live on the positive side:

1.     Relationship with God. This is the most important aspect of my life.  With out God’s loving influence on my life, I would have little or no good to offer those around me.

2.     Relationship with others. Having others in my life is very important to my well-being.  I have a circle of close friends that I share my life with.  We literally do life together.  And, they have my permission to hold me accountable in every aspect of my life.

3.     Positive role models. There is a group of individuals that I watch, study and learn from. Although they live all over the world, and I don’t know most of them personally, I glean from their influence via facebook, twitter, podcast, blogging, books, etc.

4.     Giving back. One of the ways I receive fulfillment is giving to others.  Being involved in another person’s life or participating in providing a better way for someone has wrecked my soul for the positive.

5.     Consistent reminders. Affirmations are key elements in my life.  There are times when negative thoughts consistently bombard my mind space.  I have come to realize that I have the ability to intentionally change my mind.  When I become aware of negativity, I immediately think about something good.  This changes my perspective.  The result may not be immediate, but when persistent, I feel better and am much more effective.

It pays to have affirmations written out and there are days when saying them aloud does my soul a world of good. Here is my affirmation for today: I strive, daily, to be a positive, loving influence on everyone I meet.

What actions do you take in order to maintain a positive perspective?


2 thoughts on “The Positive on Positivitity

  1. Lately, I have given in to letting all of the negative stuff around me infect my head. I have been far less tolerant and much more cynical. I have put my eye on circumstances and have taken my eye off of God. When God is my focus and my center, I see things differently. I am able to see the hurt behind people’s actions and am much more easily able to let go of stuff and to forgive. I also need to get back to spending time listening to praise and worship music. It soothes my soul and sets the tone for my day.

    Thanks for this post! It was an affirmation that I need to shift my thinking and that with God at the center if it, it will be easy to do!

    • Stephanie, thank you for taking the time to post a response. It is interesting how quickly we can move away from the positive. I’m relieved to know that God is always right there waiting for us with arms open wide, which makes it just as interesting to see how quickly we can move right back to the positive side.

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